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Where science meets scent and momentum

Our daily lives are defined by motion. We go towards what attracts us; we move away from what doesn't. But sometimes, perhaps without even realizing it, we do the opposite. 

For 82% of fragrance buyers, scent and its quality and uniqueness are more important than packaging, branding, or merchandising.

Thus, choosing and wearing a fragrance is not just about smelling good. Fragrances are unique to the wearer and have the power to move with us through different moments of life. 
Behind the emotions, memory and motion of a fragrance is a blend of various ingredients that come together to create unique and captivating scents. At the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) 2024, dsm-firmenich delved into this push and pull of fragrance with the launch of our new Sharing Innovation collection and a new iteration of our immersive platform Mind Nose + Matter™, drawing from consumer insights, socio-cultural trends, and the creativity of our perfumers. 

Ingredients that inspire

Celebrating a legacy of discovery and innovation, dsm-firmenich also showcased the latest Sharing Innovation collection at the World Perfumery Congress.
This collection features six new perfumery ingredients, highlighting a rich history of breakthrough scientific innovations, natural extraction expertise, and initiatives promoting global impact and environmental sustainability.
A clear highlight is Clearwood® Prisma, a 100% natural, 100% renewable, and readily biodegradable ingredient. It was released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Clearwood®, one of dsm-firmenich's iconic sustainable biotech-based ingredients and offers an even more intense woody-patchouli character with enhanced oakmoss and amber.

Momentum: fragrance through motion

The Mind Nose + Matter™ theme for 2024 is Momentum, which discusses the motion of fragrances, delves into contemporary challenges, and explores humanity's intricate relationship with desire.
Where there is motion, there is momentum: the strength or force acquired through motion or a sequence of actions, allowing for continual progress.
With consumers shaping the journey and scents guiding the way forward, Momentum offers a range of fragrances tailored to moments of movement: pushing, lifting, releasing, and resting, underscoring how fragrance accompanies us in intimate moments.
Mind Nose + Matter™ opened in New York in May; it will later be showcased in Shanghai, Paris, and Sao Paolo and is currently on display in Geneva, after acting as a key fixture of dsm-firmenich's presentation at WPC. 

What lies behind the bottle

dsm-firmenich stands at the forefront of innovation in perfumery, where science meets scent and momentum.
Chief Science & Research Officer Sarah Reisinger, in conversation with Master Perfumer and Director of New Ingredients Discovery François-Raphaël Balestra, discussed dsm-firmenich’s world-class palette and capabilities in science and innovation, putting new technology and partnership at the heart of creation.
Senior Perfumer Soraia da Costa Silva also reflected on her journey as a perfumer and the evolution of the industry.
Our ongoing commitment to creativity, sustainability, and consumer insights drives us to redefine the boundaries of fragrance, making a lasting impact on how we experience scent, building momentum and bringing progress to life.