Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We celebrate the tapestry of differences that make you, well, you! 

Unique strengths – Collective Progress

Whether it's your background, culture, lifestyle, or workstyle, at dsm-firmenich, we cherish the diversity that fuels our teams and turns us into creative and innovative powerhouses. We're all about meeting the diverse needs of our global customers and bringing progress to life. 
We're not here to stifle your individuality; we're here to help you stand out. Embrace what makes you unique – it's what distinguishes you! Our mission is to unlock the full potential of every individual because we know that the unique blend of backgrounds and experiences is what paves the way for the future, enables us to craft superior products, cater to our customer's diverse needs, and make sound decisions.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion isn't just a checkbox for us; it's non-negotiable. Here, equal access to opportunities is a given, belonging is a shared feeling, and authenticity is celebrated.
This is how we not only survive but thrive as a unique category of one.

Empowering progress 

dsm-firmenich is a new and fast-growing global company – and your next career step could be right here with us. Join our talent community to be the first to hear about every exciting job opportunity. At dsm-firmenich, every colleague is a superhero of progress. We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion as our superpower, woven into every thread of our work. It's in how we find and nurture talent, and in the spaces we craft for everyone to be their awesome, authentic selves and grow. 
We're all about fair play and equal opportunities for career growth and development. We dish out chances based on a person’s super skills to rock specific tasks. This goes for everything from recruitment to rewards, from training to turbocharging your career. We've got your back with regular training, coaching, and mentoring to boost your know-how and powers, ensuring you stay employable for the long run. Because our way to power progress is by bringing out the best of every unique human potential. 
Speaking of recruitment, we go all out to get the best minds on board, and once they're here, we're all about helping them soar. We've revamped our job descriptions to be inclusive and our interview panels are a diversity engine. We're out to tackle any biases and give every candidate a warm welcome. 

United for progress 

Our Employee Resource Groups are the real champions here! They're like the turbo boosters propelling us toward a more inclusive and impactful culture. These champions kickstart the journey by giving a big shout-out to our underrepresented groups – and it's not just about gender; it's about Race, Ethnicity, National Identity (REN), LGBTQ+, Disability, and Generations. 
Our ERGs are like the coolest hangout spots where people get to mingle with their buddies and allies. They're all about creating safe havens where our people can speak their minds, air their thoughts, and cook up some brilliant solutions.
They're the real movers and shakers, always coming up with awesome stuff. Think mind-blowing initiatives and crazy fun events that get everyone talking. 



No Gender Pay Gap  

We're all in for gender pay fairness. We'll keep checking and fixing any pay gaps between genders. Everyone gets fair pay for their skills, experience, and hard work, no matter who they are.

Being a force for good       

We're on a mission to make a positive impact. We're all about creating value, not just for today, but for generations down the road. We're champions of a fairer, more equal society. Our people and their families mean the world to us, which is why we make sure they enjoy a decent standard of living. That's why we pay a living wage – a wage that covers the essentials like health, food, housing, and education. It's all about ensuring our team and their loved ones thrive.


Flexibility is your power 

We believe that work is a thing we do, not just a place we go. And we recognize that there is no one-site-fits-all. That's why we celebrate a hybrid work model. To find your best work-life balance and perform at your best. We believe that great ideas don't just happen in isolation but are born out of diverse minds coming together for two or three days per week. Our hybrid work model allows you to connect with your colleagues, fostering creativity and innovation. Whether you're brainstorming ideas in a meeting room or having a virtual coffee chat, you know what works best!

Together with our customers            

We believe in living our values together with our customers. This means truly getting their needs and challenges. Our hybrid work setup lets you forge valuable connections with both your co-workers and clients. Staying close to our team and clients helps us navigate the business and deliver exceptional experiences!


 How it works 

We're flexible, but some roles need you on-site: Sales reps, shopfloor-, lab-, and factory workers, we've got your back. We trust our people to make the best calls for themselves and the company through ongoing chats with managers, colleagues, and teams. Your productivity matters most, so we empower your choices to boost it.


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