Animal Nutrition & Health

Feeding the planet without costing the Earth

The world has a lot on its plate

But not enough of the good stuff. One in eight people struggles to get enough protein in their diet. And those who do manage it are faced with the stark truth that livestock farming accounts for roughly 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a high environmental price to pay for the important nutrition we gain from animal proteins.

That’s why we’re on a mission to help the animal farming industry feed our growing population more sustainably. Our farm-to-fork solutions help farmers reduce their environmental impact, improve animal performance and welfare, and secure sustainable livelihoods. All while putting high-quality animal protein on our plates: protein that’s healthy, nutritious, safe, and affordable.

What we offer 

Essential products

We provide vital nutrients with a positive impact on animal health and development at farms and fisheries.                            

Performance solutions

We offer advanced performance, health, and nutrition solutions to improve the sustainability and profitability of animal farming.

Precision services

We power data-driven insights for more sustainable and efficient food production.                                                               

Growing gains

A healthy farm starts with healthy livestock. We supply vital vitamins, premixes, and carotenoids to animal farmers, supporting robust livestock growth and driving long-term animal performance. 

Our flagship solutions include the OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition® concept – helping farmers deliver high-quality vitamins to their animals, based on their specific life stage and growing conditions.

Innovating from farms to fisheries

For us, innovation comes naturally. In fact, it’s easier than finding a needle in haystack. From our expertise in mycotoxin risk management to our industry-leading feed enzymes and eubiotics (as well as much more besides), our performance solutions help farmers get more out of less.

Take Bovaer®, our clever methane-reducing cattle feed ingredient. Or Symphiome™, the first precision biotic designed to help poultry microbiome metabolism hit all the right notes. And let’s not forget Veramaris®, our innovative algae-based alternative to fish oil. 

Making the invisible visible 

It’s much easier to tackle a challenge you can actually see. That’s why our precision farming tools – based on advanced data analysis and diagnostics – are designed to “make the invisible visible” for our customers and guide them toward positive outcomes.

Sustell™ is a great example: a smart sustainability platform that combines advanced environmental footprint calculations with expert-led advice on animal production, nutrition, and more. Or there’s Verax™, helping farmers harness data to uncover the hidden issues holding their animals (and their operations) back.

Partner with us

Sometimes, farming means getting your hands dirty – and we’re always happy to do just that, working right alongside our partners across the value chain. Whether it’s in the field or in our labs, we help reduce farms’ environmental footprints and enable a global transformation in sustainable animal protein production. Fancy working with us?

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