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Imagine a world where you don’t have to choose between what tastes good, what feels good and what is good for the planet. At dsm-firmenich, we have the recipe to lead a new era in Taste, Texture and Health. 

Our boundless creativity and broad portfolio of unique and nutritious ingredients ensure consumer preferred food and beverages for every taste and occasion. We bring progress to life by co-creating with our customers to transform how the world eats.

What we offer

Taste and beyond

Our creation, innovation, and flavor capabilities are best in class. We’ve got the imagination – and the portfolio – to create food and drink products that delight all the senses.

Food and beverage ingredients

We strive to achieve a world where you don’t have to choose between taste, texture or health - and can enjoy it all. Our innovative ingredients, expertise, and solutions bridge the gap between the delicious, the nutritious, and the sustainable.

What’s on the menu?

We make it easier for brand owners to deliver improved choices by enhancing taste, texture, and health. Take sweetness, for starters. TasteGEM®, our high-performance sugar reduction tool, helps create the most appetizing recipes for flavor, masking, and mouthfeel. 

With our unique ingredient portfolio and innovation toolkit, we also enable mouthwatering analogs for dairy, meat, and seafood. Our solutions for this growing market include VertisTM, a portfolio of high-quality plant proteins with improved texture, structure, and mouthfeel, and Dynarome®, a natural flavor delivery system that makes for sumptuous plant-based options. What’s more, we help people everywhere enjoy nutritious, lactose-free dairy with our market-leading Maxilact® lactase enzymes.

And that’s just a taste of our full offering. We haven’t even mentioned our ability to help bring products to market faster and more successfully. Our creativity in optimizing recipes. Or how we anticipate and meet fast-changing consumer preferences. But these are all vital ingredients, too. They all boil down to who we are: a team delivering end-to-end solutions that support health – and delight tastebuds – all over the world. 

A taste of life in all its glory

As the saying goes: “Good food, good mood.” We couldn’t agree more. But great food and drink doesn't just spark positive emotions and boost well-being; it's also packed with the nutrition that sustains our overall health. At dsm-firmenich, we bring the delicious and nutritious together, mixing our industry-leading innovation in taste modulation, texture, masking, and delivery systems with creation expertise and an extensive proprietary portfolio of natural flavors and ingredients. A tasty combination indeed!

Our consumer insights fuel a strong understanding of what people are hungry for. And through our deep expertise in global regulations, we help create food and beverages that meet label and claim requirements around the world. The result of this recipe? Market-winning products with top-quality sensory, functional, and nutritional performance – all the way from savory foods and sweet goods to beverages and beyond.

We bring it all to the table

All too often, what we feel we should eat doesn’t match up with what we’re really craving. But why should we have to choose between what our bodies need, what our tastebuds want, and what our planet can support?

We’re on a mission to make these dietary dilemmas a thing of the past. In fact, we’re helping to transform our global food system. Thanks to our science-based ingredients, expertise, and solutions, dsm-firmenich helps brands create food and beverages that are better for people and planet. Think improved taste and texture, enhanced nutritional profiles, and a wider selection of delicious plant-based protein options – all while increasing process efficiencies and reducing food loss and waste.

Partner with us

We’re smart cookies with plenty of creative juice – and we go mighty nicely with a side of partnership. We understand our customers’ needs in today’s tricky market, and we work with you to innovate and improve your products, right in line with what consumers are looking for.

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