Our purpose & values

We’re here for a reason – to bring progress to life

Where others see challenges, we see possibilities

We make it our purpose to bring progress to life – by combining the essential, the desirable, and the sustainable.

For us, progress means helping our customers deliver what consumers want, what we collectively need, and what our planet demands. Think sensational scents from sustainable sources. Algae-derived omega-3 to help make tasty fish more palatable for our planet. Fortified rice that provides people everywhere with the vital vitamins we need to thrive. Or a plant-based sports drink that gives a delicious boost of essential post-workout proteins. ​

Putting the “pro” in progress

We know a thing or two about purpose and progress. Thanks to our combined history, we can draw on over a century of purpose-led scientific discovery and innovation. That’s more than 150 years’ worth of creative genius and genius creations (even if we say so ourselves). And together we’ll keep paving the way forward, helping to make a positive difference for the planet, and enhancing the lives of millions – day in, day out. 

Four complementary business units, one common purpose

From fragrances to farming, meals to micronutrients, our business units address the latest consumer needs and wants to help our customers realize their ambitions – and bring progress to life.

In Perfumery & Beauty, we delight the world with superior scents created from a palette of sustainable ingredients.

In Taste, Texture & Health, we partner with the food and beverage industry to overcome the trade-off between palate and planet.

In Health, Nutrition & Care, we deliver critical nutrients for proactive health in every stage of life and every sort of lifestyle.

In Animal Nutrition & Health, we power the production of sustainable animal protein, transforming global food systems for good.

Our values

Shape the future

We are curious and open-minded. We’re cutting-edge scientists, breakthrough innovators, and passionate creators with more than a century of expertise. We take joy in building a way forward with our customers. We are a beacon. When others want to know how to change the world, they look to us.

Be a force for good

For us, integrity is the only way forward. We are responsible and focus on impact, with a legacy to prove it. We are passionate about constantly raising the bar. Because caring about customers, communities, people, and the planet is the right thing to do. And it’s the only way to grow an enduring, profitable business.



Own the outcome

We make bold commitments to customers and each other. And we go above and beyond to fulfil them. The thing to remember is that we’re part of the solution. We’re empowered to make courageous decisions at the right level. And we hold each other accountable—individually and collectively, to drive impact.

Together, with our customers

We act with unity – customers and stakeholders included. We’re inclusive. We value our differences. And we learn from each other. We remove barriers that separate us. We look after each other’s safety and well-being. We set each other up for success and we help each other grow. Plus, we have fun doing it.

We can’t do it without you

We love a challenge. But we know we can’t solve the world’s problems single-handedly. To bring progress to life, we need partnerships. Partnerships all along our value chain. Across industries and sectors. From business to consumers, and governments to academia.

We love working with like-minded partners of all shapes and sizes – so we can help our customers make a positive difference for consumers and the planet. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Join us if you wake up hungry for progress. Because fulfilling our purpose starts with our people. 

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