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dsm-firmenich 2023 Integrated Annual Report

February 29, 2024                     

dsm-firmenich FY 2023 results

February 15, 2024                     

dsm-firmenich Q3 2023 results

October 31, 2023           

Additional pro forma financial information for 2022 and 2023

October 4, 2023           

dsm-firmenich H1 2023 results       

August 2, 2023           

Trading update

28 June 2023              

Information published by DSM and Firmenich prior to our merger

Explore all the press releases, presentations, reports, calls, and webcasts DSM and Firmenich have published in the last decade on their financial results, Capital Markets Days, and shareholders' meetings.


DSM Q1 2023 Trading Update

DSM 2022 full-year results

DSM presentation to investors – full-year 2022 results 

DSM Q3 2022 trading update


PR: Firmenich Financial Statements 2023 for the period ended Dec 31, 2023

IAR: Firmenich Financial Statements 2023 for the period ended Dec 31, 2023

Firmenich Annual Report FY 2023

Firmenich Annual Report FY23 press release

Firmenich Trading Update FY23 Q3

Firmenich half-year 2023 results

Firmenich presentation to investors – half-year 2023 results

Firmenich Q1 2023 trading update 

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