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Four complementary businesses, powered by purpose, people, and pioneering science

A winning formula across nutrition, health, and beauty

All our businesses have a history of groundbreaking innovation – and an even brighter future as part of dsm-firmenich. They’re all virtuosos in their own fields. And they’re supported by a firm foundation of scientific and technological brilliance, a comprehensive portfolio of ingredients, and best-in-class business expertise. 
Take a look at what we’re working with.

Perfumery & Beauty

Smell that? That’s the scent of conscious perfumery and beauty – all with a more positive impact on people and planet. Using outstanding ingredients, we bring together the best of nature and science through a responsible and sustainable approach.

Taste, Texture & Health

Food and drink that’s delicious, nutritious, sustainable, and affordable? We don’t think that should be too much to ask. By supporting our customers in delivering extraordinary food and drink experiences, we help bring joy to consumers.                                                                                  

Health, Nutrition & Care

We add critical nutrients to diets. Deliver proactive health solutions. Drive medical innovation. And much, much more. In short, we’re on a mission to improve quality of life all over the world – in ways that work for everyone.


Animal Nutrition & Health

We help the animal farming industry navigate – and accelerate – the all-important transition to sustainable food. Whether it’s neutralizing nasty toxins on feed grains, reducing methane from bovine burps, or putting higher-quality protein on our plates, we bring tomorrow’s farming solutions to life.

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  • Sustainability

    As a company formed of two sustainability leaders, we’re determined to keep growing our positive impact – for the good of people, climate, and nature.

  • Science & Research

    With over a century of scientific leadership under our belts, we keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to improve billions of lives.

  • Careers

    If you wake up hungry for progress, we’d love to have you on board at dsm-firmenich. Help make a real difference and bring progress to life.