Health, Nutrition & Care

Where others see products, we see purpose

Proactive health for everybody (and every body) 

The world’s population is growing. Our purpose is to keep it healthy. In Health, Nutrition & Care, we understand that achieving this goal takes more than an ingredients provider. It takes a problem solver. A global team of experts who know exactly what it takes to fuel consumers' highest health ambitions – at every stage of life, all around the world. From concept to consumer, we see the purpose behind every product and bring it to life.

We do all this while driving medical innovation forward. Speeding up recovery times. And improving quality of life in everything we do. Whether it’s nutrition, pharma, or biomedical, we’re so much more than a provider – we’re a purpose-led, end-to-end partner. 

What we offer 


We offer a broad portfolio of products that nourish, protect, and improve life. 

Customized solutions  

We help customers launch innovative products quicker than ever before. 

Expert services  

We support every aspect of your product’s life cycle to help you thrive in the marketplace.

Discover purpose-led solutions that put people first


Transformative biomedical solutions – fit for tomorrow’s healthcare. 

Dietary supplements 

A welcome boost for immunity, vision, cognition, gut health, and more. 

Early life nutrition 

Supporting optimal development and health from prenatal to pre-teen.


New ways to enhance health and wellness everywhere.

Hologram Sciences  

Reimagined nutrition, guided by science, technology, and habit-building.

Medical nutrition 

Insight-led products that promote recovery and independence. 

Nutrition improvement

Affordable, aspirational, accessible solutions that change lives worldwide. 

Pharma solutions

Therapeutics inspired by patients and delivered by experts, for improved quality of life.

Bringing well-being to life 

Our broad offering supports a wide variety of segments in developing products that nourish, protect, and improve life. With life’s®OMEGA, we’re protecting the oceans with plant-based omega-3s. Our ingredients for nutrient-rich foods combat hidden hunger in the world’s most vulnerable populations.​ ampli-D® is transforming how the world absorbs vitamin D. And that’s just a taste of our full menu. 

We’re hungry for more, too – which means we’re always looking to fill gaps in our portfolio, as well as keeping our eyes peeled for a more sustainable way forward. Because we’re committed to nourishing human life today – and protecting the generations to come.

Solutions for specifics 

Every product launch has unique challenges. That’s why our solutions are customized from the start with consumers at their heart.

Whether we’re using our global scale to develop the perfect premix or developing market-ready solutions that address key consumer health trends, we’ve got the motivation – and the innovation – to overcome your product development challenges. If you’re looking for perfect peace of mind and consumer delight, look no further.

Nerdy and proud of it 

Ingredients are only one part of the recipe for success, so our experienced team is there to support you – all the way from concept to consumer.

We can develop formulas or recommend nutrients that check all the right boxes. Find ways to be smarter, safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. And guide you through the hills and valleys of a complex regulatory landscape. With our full-spectrum expertise, your products can resonate more deeply with customers and stand out on the store shelf. 

Partner with us

Healthy partnerships help us create a healthier world – so, to live up to our purpose of bringing progress to life, we’re always looking outward, across our entire value chain and beyond. Think we’d make a good team? Get in touch today.

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