Team dsm-firmenich PostNL

and dsm-firmenich have a shared goal

Achieving progress through health and nutrition

To achieve true progress, every second counts. Every turn of the pedal. Every sip. Every bite. Every spray. And it’s thanks to our three forces that we can bring this progress to life. These are: the essential, the desirable, and the sustainable.

The essential is about giving riders what they need to perform at their best. 

The desirable is about making sure riders want to use the products that will best support their performance.

The sustainable is about ensuring these products are consistently and responsibly sourced. Plus, making sure they support riders’ performance better than widely-available, less sustainable ones. 

By championing

As dsm-firmenich, we give our riders what they need to perform at their best at every step of their journey with responsibly sourced performance-supporting products.


Reaction time, visual acuity, performance under pressure. Brain health is critical to achieving optimal performance. From an extra hour of quality sleep, to a reflex response to a crash beside you: having a sharp, focused mind can make the difference.

dsm-firmenich are working hand-in-hand with team dsm-firmenich PostNL to discover new ways to support riders’ focus on the road: from enhancing the quality of vision with FloraGLO® and OPTISHARP®, to improving essential brain and eye health with life’s™OMEGA (a plant-based omega-3 supplement, more sustainable than fish oil, and without the fishy taste).


How long can you hold on? This question sits at the core of elite cycling. And nutrition is central to the answer – playing a key role beyond just fueling the athlete. The right nutrition optimizes the speed and efficiency of nutrient uptake and helps maintain the body’s durability and fitness over time, allowing athletes to function at their peak for longer.

dsm-firmenich are using the latest bioscience and advanced data analytics to help build personalized nutrition plans through a digital platform. Team dsm-firmenich PostNL can plan exactly when, what, and how much each rider should eat throughout their day, so they can continually perform at their peak and help reduce food waste. 

Riders are also benefiting from PeptoPro®, a peptide derived from dairy protein that contains all 20 amino acids and supports essential protein synthesis during exercise. 


Riders’ bodies are tuned and pushed to their limits by elite cycling. Protecting athletes from these extreme demands and fighting off illness is mission critical. Less illness means less stress on resources. And the right nutrition boosts riders’ immune systems to build resilience: from gut health to muscle strength.

Working like a probiotic, HiMOTM Blend 5, a human identical milk oligosaccharide, enhances gut health and immunity whilst mitigating digestive distress damage. It works as an advanced prebiotic, supporting beneficial gut bacteria and a balanced microbiota. dsm-firmenich’s Lacto GG® also improves the balance of good bacteria in the microbiome.

dsm-firmenich’s Quali® range of vitamins also supports overall health and immunity – with tailor-made high-quality multivitamin premixes of essential nutrients. Quali®-B and Quali®-C offer optimal doses of vitamins B12 and C to support the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, among other desirable and functional benefits. 


Recovery is fundamental to cycling – not just from the prior day’s dehydration and exertion, but from the injuries and illnesses that are a constant threat to athlete fitness. The right nutrition will increase the speed and efficacy of recovery, boosting performance throughout the year.

dsm-firmenich’s nutritional solutions offer team dsm-firmenich PostNL support across all aspects of recovery. For example, Vertis™ CanolaPRO® protein bars provide the team with an easily digestible plant protein in a tempting chocolate flavour. Rich in cysteine, Vertis™ CanolaPRO® may help protect against future exercise-induced muscle damage. PeptoPro® is a peptide derived from dairy protein that contains all 20 amino acids. Science shows it can ensure a quicker update of essential protein for muscle repair and decreased Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness.

Team dsm-firmenich PostNL also has access to specialist supplements to support recovery, such as life’s™OMEGA (a plant-based omega-3 supplement, more sustainable than fish oil) and Quali®-C (water-soluble Vitamin C that contributes to collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage).

Why are we partners?

Elite cycling is the ultimate stress test for our innovations

With races measured in kilometers but victory won by millimetres, every detail in elite cycling is monitored and managed in the quest to help riders maximize their talent. When it comes to progress, there’s nowhere to hide. And with riders pushing themselves to the limits of human performance, elite cycling is the ultimate environment in which to test the latest and greatest innovations.

We share a commitment to science and data

dsm-firmenich and team dsm-firmenich PostNL are dedicated to evidence-based progress. Our cyclists and scientists work hand-in-hand to break new ground. Through advanced measurement across all aspects of focus, endurance, resilience, and recovery, we discover new opportunities to enhance performance. 

Ours is a partnership of co-innovation

We rely on each other to be the best we can be. Together, we accelerate the innovation cycle for everyone’s benefit. dsm-firmenich provides riders with cutting-edge products to help them realise their full potential. While the riders’ feedback, insights, and data enable dsm-firmenich to see and shape the future, developing and testing solutions that improve the health and performance of people across the world. Together, this is how we bring progress to life.

Our team are delighted to work hand-in-hand with team dsm-firmenich PostNL to develop ground-breaking products, insights, and innovations that help them ride to success.