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Science holds the key to progress. Our research unlocks the door

Proven science that improves lives

As dsm-firmenich, we have well over a century of world-class scientific leadership in fragrance, taste, health, and nutrition under our belts. So, buckle up – because we’re determined to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Together, we’ll continue to develop our unparalleled science and technology platforms, drawing on an R&D network spanning five continents. All in the name of making a positive impact on billions of lives, every single day. 

Innovation with purpose: what’s not to love?

Today’s challenges demand visionary solutions – which means innovation for its own sake simply won’t cut it. That’s why every watt of our science and research power is dedicated to our purpose: bringing progress to life.

How the numbers add up


R&D facilities developing solutions for key global markets 


of the best and brightest scientists and researchers


patents across approximately 2,600 patent families

€700+ m 

in annual R&D investment


We’re hungry for progress

Fed by our purpose, we love facing up to the world’s biggest challenges – and thanks to our unrivaled breadth of complementary capabilities, we can meet them head on. Across nutrition, health, and beauty, our strong scientific backbone allows us to stand tall and deliver what people individually want, what we collectively need, and what our planet demands.

Here’s just a small snapshot of our expertise – and how it’s making a real difference for people, climate, and nature.

Our team delivers:Our solutions include:

Bio-based vitamin A: a new technology development that dramatically improves the sustainability of a 75-year industry.

Dreamwood®: part of our industry-leading portfolio of biotechnology-derived fragrance ingredients, offering the olfactive warmth of sandalwood with demonstrated cosmetic benefits. 

Natural extraction

Firgood®: a range of pure, 100%-natural extracts obtained using sustainable technology. 

Vertis™ CanolaPRO®: our new plant-based protein isolate. 

Formulation science and delivery systems

Dynarome®: a delicious culinary paste that recreates the juiciness and succulence of animal fats. 

V-Direct: our patented precision formulation technology for targeting bioactives to the colon, nourishing the microbiome and supporting health from the gut.

Cutting-edge chemistry 

Bovaer®: a first-in-class small molecule that selectively inhibits enteric methane formation in ruminants. 

Muguissimo®: an exceptionally elegant and competitive lily-of-the-valley fragrance ingredient. 

Receptor biology

DeodEcode®: our malodor control technology developed through our disruptive receptor-based discovery platform. 

Freezestorm®: the gold standard for physiological coolants in the oral care industry. 

Microbiome support

GlyCare™: the broadest portfolio of human milk oligosaccharides for healthy microbiome development in formula-fed infants.

A unique portfolio of ingredients and fragrances that delight consumers while preserving the skin microbiome. 

Data science

The world’s first-ever flavor created by artificial intelligence: a delicious, lightly grilled beef taste for use in plant-based meat alternatives. 

High-precision engineering of proteins and strains with sustainability in mind – all in a fraction of the time needed for traditional approaches. 

There’s plenty more where that came from

As dsm-firmenich, we can draw on not one but two wells of pioneering innovation and creation – more than 150 years deep. Discover a bucketful of science and innovation from DSM and Firmenich.

We’re not comfortable sitting on the fence

Sometimes, you have to pick a side. And we’re on the side of life. From minuscule micronutrients to the largest of livestock and flavorsome food to sensational scents, our world-renowned science and trailblazing research unlock sustainable solutions with a positive impact on the planet. 

From science-based targets to the SDGs. From industry to academia. And from our labs to the world. We’re determined to use everything in our power to make a measurable difference – now and in the future. 

Want to make a world of difference?

Our scientists and engineers make breakthroughs in nutrition, health, and beauty the rule, not the exception. Eager to use your talents to shape a better future for people, climate, and nature? Then you just might be the perfect fit for our team. 

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