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Sustainable innovation? It makes beautiful scents

Life never felt so good

Want to stop and smell the roses? Go right ahead – indulge yourself. After all, the right sensations and fragrances can turn a bad day around. Take us back to a treasured childhood memory. Or even just welcome us home. 

How we take care of ourselves can change how we experience our world. And at dsm-firmenich, we unlock the potential of renewable, responsible, remarkable ingredients to create beautiful scents and sensational beauty. In essence, our products make life more pleasurable.

What we offer


Superior scents, sustainably created. 

Fragrance ingredients 

Responsible fragrances that stand out.

Beauty & Care

Beauty solutions that do good, and do it well.

A treat for ourselves and our senses

Fine fragrance

Explore our fine fragrance offering.

Consumer fragrance

Explore our consumer fragrance offering.

Conscious perfumery

Explore our conscous perfumery.

Beauty & Care sustainability

Through a strategy based on tangible action.

Beauty & Care services

We support customers at every stage of the product development process.


Explore our innovations.

Natural ingredients

Explore our natural ingredients.

Synthetic ingredients

Explore our synthetic ingredients.


Explore our ingredients derived from biotechnology.

That special feeling? We bottle it

Emotions can be tricky to translate. But as a global company, we know our perfumes speak your language. We use cutting-edge, creative, conscious perfumery to capture emotions. To tell stories. And to enhance well-being.

Not just for the millions of people who enjoy our scents every day – but for the planet, too. At dsm-firmenich, we make our high-performance fragrances from our palette of clean, renewable, and biodegradable ingredients. So that fragrance you’re wearing? That’s perfume with a purpose.

Evoking emotion, every day

In fact, we have over a century of outstanding science and research behind us: decades during which we’ve developed a world-leading palette of innovative fragrance ingredients. Whether natural, synthetic, or biotech derived, they add value to countless consumer products – from everyday soaps to luxury cosmetics. 

But if smelling good is great, doing good is better. That’s why we harness the latest science – including our revolutionary extraction techniques – to make perfumery and beauty more positive for our planet.

The feel-good factor from dawn to dusk

On a quest to find the fountain of youth? Looking for a new beauty routine? Or just wish every day could be a good hair day? Our personal care active ingredients have got you covered, from skin protection and cleansing to reversing the signs of aging.

At dsm-firmenich, we make the everyday extraordinary. From shampoos and soaps to face cream and body lotion, our portfolio of vitamins, bio-actives, UV filters, peptides, and more brings beauty and emotion to the forefront of daily life. We’re your expert partner in helping consumers look and smell great – and feel even better.

Partner with us

When it comes to mixing ingredients to create something beautiful, we know the recipe. And we apply the same expertise to our partnerships – with customers, suppliers, and beyond. 

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