You could call it a state of mind. We like to think of it in more material terms

Doing good, better than ever

As a company formed of two global sustainability leaders, we’re determined to keep growing our positive impact – for the good of people, climate, and nature. We’ve long been working to improve the lives of people around the world, both now and for the generations to come. Now we’ve merged, we can achieve more than ever, thanks to our trailblazing science and innovation, our responsible approach to business and sourcing, and the commitment of close to 30,000 talented people.

For us, sustainability is not a buzzword – it’s intrinsically embedded in our purpose of bringing progress to life. After all, what good is progress if we’re moving in the wrong direction? 

In Perfumery & Beauty, we delight the world with superior scents created from responsibly sourced naturals and renewable, upcycled, biotech, and sustainable ingredients.

For example: our unique EcoScent Compass® Next Generation tool optimizes eco-fragrance design by evaluating each ingredient’s impact on climate, nature, and people.

In Taste, Texture & Health, we partner with the food and beverage industry to strike the perfect balance between palate and planet.

For example: our fermentative stevia sweetener EVERSWEET™ has a 60% lower environmental footprint than bioconversion-derived alternatives.


In Health, Nutrition & Care, we deliver critical nutrients for proactive health in every stage of life and every sort of lifestyle.

For example: we harness algae for healthier people and healthier ocean ecosystems with life’s®OMEGA. 


In Animal Nutrition & Health, we power the production of sustainable animal protein, transforming global food systems for good.

For example: our smart sustainability platform Sustell™ combines advanced environmental footprint calculations with expert-led advice on animal production, nutrition, and more.

Where we've come from ...

As a newly combined organization, we’re busy integrating two sets of ambitious sustainability targets – so please bear with us. But don’t worry: it’s still full steam ahead in the meantime. Until our new targets are ready to launch, we’re working as one to pursue the sustainability goals set out by our two companies before the merger.

... and where we're headed

But there’s more. Much more. As two frontrunners teaming up, we’re bringing a vast amount of knowledge together. And we’re excited to learn from one another, so we can deliver more sustainable solutions in more sustainable ways. After all, why would we settle for what we already have, when we can keep raising the bar?

That’s why we’re working on a new sustainability strategy. One that will see us aim higher, go further, and move faster when it comes to supporting our planet and its people. One with a new set of targets, aligned with the latest science and regulatory requirements and covering people, climate, and nature. One that’s delivered by our dedicated people and supported by our strong governance. And we can’t wait to share it – so watch this space.

Let's be clear

Transparency and accountability are fundamental. And we want to know how well we’re doing on sustainability just as much as you do. That means we’ll keep going under the microscope of a wide range of independent sustainability ratings agencies every year.

Just as with our targets, we’re determined to surpass the high standards we reached as DSM and Firmenich. In the interests of transparency, we can’t be sure that will happen right away, given the scale of our merger. But even in the short term, you can be sure that even if our ratings waver, our commitment won’t. 

Firmenich's latest ratings

DSM's latest ratings

All links in the same chain

The challenge facing our planet and our society is arguably the biggest ever. And while we love a challenge, we know we can’t solve this one alone. For the greatest possible impact, we need partnerships. Partnerships all along our supply chain and value chain. Across industries and sectors. From business to consumers, and governments to academia.

We love working with committed partners of all shapes and sizes, all around the world – so we can improve the sustainability of our own organization, help our customers develop more sustainable products, and raise our voice louder when we call for change.

Sustainability reports

dsm-firmenich Taxation report  FY 2023 

dsm-firmenich China Sustainability report - English 

dsm-firmenich China Sustainability report - Chinese 

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