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The new home of pioneering science and purpose-led innovation

Two iconic companies in a merger of equals

Two global leaders in science and innovation, each with a world-class portfolio, have come together to create dsm-firmenich. Our roots may go back well over a century, but we’re always looking forward. We know from experience that that’s how we can grow our positive impact on people, climate, and nature – all in line with our purpose of bringing progress to life.

dsm-firmenich in numbers

Four high-performing businesses

Built on the outstanding work of our legacy organizations, our complementary businesses deliver world-leading, sustainable solutions – making us the leading end-to-end partner in nutrition, health, and beauty, and making life brighter for billions of people worldwide. 

Underpinning these four businesses is a strong foundation of safety and quality across a worldwide manufacturing network, our vertically integrated portfolio of nutritional, natural, and renewable ingredients, and our groundbreaking science and cutting-edge technologies. 

Taste, Texture & Health

Bringing exceptional taste to the table

Food and drink that’s delicious, nutritious, sustainable, and affordable? We don’t think that should be too much to ask. By supporting our customers in delivering extraordinary food and drink experiences, we help bring joy to consumers.

Perfumery & Beauty

Incredible scents, sustainably created

We believe in conscious perfumery, using the latest science and innovation to create fabulous fragrances and innovative ingredients with a more positive impact on people and planet.

Health, Nutrition & Care

Keeping the world’s growing population healthy

From adding critical nutrients to diets to delivering proactive health solutions and driving medical innovation, we’re on a mission to improve quality of life all over the world. 

Animal Nutrition & Health

Protein production that powers more sustainable nutrition

We help farmers navigate – and accelerate – the all-important sustainable food transition. Whether it’s reducing methane from bovine burps or neutralizing nasty toxins on feed, we bring the farming solutions of tomorrow to life.

Introducing our leadership

Our leadership team represents the best of both DSM and Firmenich. We’re proud that our team has a balanced split of men and women, knows how to create value for all our different stakeholders, and turns this knowledge into action every day. 

Accelerating innovation

At dsm-firmenich, we’re experts in developing groundbreaking products and solutions that reshape markets (or even create new ones). From products like Bovaer® and Veramaris® to our work on biodegradable fragrance encapsulation, sugar and salt reduction, plant-based foods, and much, much more, we know what it takes to make a difference – for the good of our planet and all of us on it.

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Whether you’re a shareholder, potential shareholder, or analyst, our Investor Relations team is on hand to answer your questions. 

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