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Celebrating diversity and disability inclusion in the fragrance industry

The human brain is our life's conductor. It adapts, stores memories, and grows with us, guiding us through life's challenges with an unwavering strength.
It helps us make cognitive connections that enhance our sensory experiences, including the sound, taste, smell, and touch of all aspects of daily life. It is also very resilient in adversity.
Each human being perceives the world differently, through a unique combination of senses and cognitive abilities, creating a rich diversity that makes our world vibrant and dynamic.

Championing diversity and unique potentials 

As innovators in health, nutrition, and beauty, dsm-firmenich knows a thing or two about the senses. dsm-firmenich's sensory panel runs a unique program with blind and visually impaired people, whom we aptly refer to as VIPs — Very Important People in their own right. The VIPs undergo the same rigorous training as other panelists, to identify and describe highly complex smell and taste profiles. 
Carlos Gomez from dsm-firmenich's Taste, Texture & Health business unit established the first ‘sensory panel’ for VIPs in Mexico in 2015. Since then, it has continued to grow, having now expanded into the Perfume & Beauty space.
The program offers these talented individuals a path to financial independence and social recognition within their communities. Now operating in Singapore, London, India, China, and beyond, the program aims to challenge perceptions and promote inclusivity in the fragrance and flavor industry.
It showcases how diversity and diverse talents can contribute to creating exceptional products and create a space for blind and visually impaired people to reach their unique potential.

An award-winning program

The VIP sensory panelist program is utilized in Perfumery collaborations with Procter & Gamble (P&G), underscoring dsm-firmenich’s commitment to championing equality and inclusion within their product development and partnership.
dsm-firmenich is very grateful for being honored a few days ago with the 2024 P&G Supplier Impact Award.
This award recognizes the company's commitment industry-leading efforts to create business value, while serving people and the planet. In particular, the recognition is given to P&G business partners who create value through equality and inclusion.

The power of inclusion

By embracing diverse talents, dsm-firmenich's VIP sensory panel program drives innovation and societal progress, helping blind and visually impaired people reach their unique potentials.
The P&G 2024 Supplier Impact Award recognizes the importance of equality and inclusion as a catalyst for positive change, highlighting that diversity and diverse perspectives create a more equitable world for all.

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