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dsm-firmenich partners with Interstellar Lab, leading the way in naturals innovation for Perfumery & Beauty

Kaiseraugst (Switzerland), Heerlen (Netherlands), March 19, 2024

dsm-firmenich, innovators in nutrition, health, and beauty, is proud to announce its partnership with Interstellar Lab, a biotech startup that develops biofarming solutions. Together, the two companies aim to spearhead advancements in botanical ingredients production, marking a significant leap forward in dsm-firmenich’s quest to expand and explore the boundaries of natural innovation in agrotech, and to unlock new dimensions in olfactive richness and sustainable innovation.
This collaboration aims to pioneer an ingredient research program focusing on the impact of environmental conditions on plant yield and phenotype evaluation. Leveraging on Interstellar Lab's cutting-edge, AI-controlled environment and biotech expertise, the partnership seeks to reduce climate impact of farming & preserve biodiversity in critical ecosystems. 

"Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually expand the horizons of natural ingredients. By exploring cutting-edge agrotech advancements, we're reshaping the landscape of species selection, anticipating challenges of production and sourcing, and prioritizing the highest quality of ingredients. This dedication ensures we deliver the purest, and most authentic natural extracts for perfumery,” 

- Xavier Brochet, Global Head of Natural Innovation at dsm-firmenich
Interstellar Lab specializes in developing and operating advanced biofarming platforms to accelerate plant growth and trigger specific molecule production in plants. Their AI-environment controlled biofarms optimize energy and resources consumption, capture CO2, and considerably improve the life cycle assessment of ingredients with a unique data-driven approach. “Our biofarming platform represents a revolution in the perfumery landscape, understanding and addressing the current industry needs to provide renewable ingredients, responsibly sourced and produced, that inspire creators and respect the environment” says Barbara Belvisi, CEO and Founder of Interstellar Lab
At dsm-firmenich, we valorize natural ingredients and continuously push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability for perfumery. Our partnership with Interstellar Lab represents another avenue of exploration in agrotech, expanding our ability to harness the synergy of nature and science, breaking the conventions to uncover unparalleled excellence in both olfactive quality and sustainability for our creations,” adds Michal Benmayor, VP Perfumery Innovation and Sustainability at dsm-firmenich. 
This collaboration between two pioneers in naturals innovation will unlock the potential of exclusive natural ingredients to create the beautiful and sustainable scents of tomorrow.

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Camille Le Gall
Global Head of Communications, Perfumery & Beauty
email: camille.le.gall@firmenich.com
phone: +33614714121 

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