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Increasing production capacity for perfumery ingredients in Europe

On March 13, dsm-firmenich inaugurated two cutting-edge production facilities in Castets, France, to increase the production of perfumery ingredients in Europe. The first facility is a multipurpose unit to produce sustainable pine-based ingredients, and the second brand-new plant is solely dedicated to the production of the iconic biodegradable musk ingredient Habanolide®.

“We are very proud of these state-of-the-art facilities. In addition to helping us provide extra production capacity for perfumery in Europe, these expansion projects further strengthen our strategic position and allow us to seize growth opportunities that lie ahead.”

- Emmanuel Butstraen, President Perfumery & Beauty 

Habanolide® production facility: greater proximity to European customers

The inauguration of the Habanolide® production facility marks the first time dsm-firmenich produces this sought-after ingredient in Europe, in addition to the production line in New Jersey, US. With this additional production capacity, dsm-firmenich is strengthening its global leadership in musk ingredients.

Unit 4 production plant: bolstering our leadership in pine-derived bio-sourced ingredients

The new multipurpose facility uses renewable pine co-products from paper mills as raw materials, and turns them into products of higher value. As such, this major expansion is a demonstration of our continuous efforts to extend our unique industrial expertise in producing ingredients made from upcycled materials. It strengthens our global leadership in bio-sourced ingredients.

Habanolide®: an iconic perfumery ingredient

dsm-firmenich has a strong legacy in the production of musk ingredients. Years of dedication to research and development have positioned the company as a market pioneer, earning it global recognition as the ‘House of Musk’.
As a best-selling ingredient in dsm-firmenich’s industry-leading palette, Habanolide® is widely used across fine fragrance and consumer fragrance (body and home care) products. Increasing the production capacity of this iconic perfume ingredient is critical to keep at pace with the rapidly growing market of sustainable fragrances.
Among the array of ingredients used to create captivating scents, musk has long held a special place. Habanolide® is known for being an elegant macrocyclic musk with a warm and slightly woody note.
Habanolide® is not just an ingredient that makes perfumery products more appealing, it also improves the sustainability profile of the final product. It is biodegradable, meaning it breaks down naturally over time, and it is produced in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced technologies to reduce its environmental footprint.

A journey towards sustainable perfumery

With these two new plants in Europe, strategically designed to minimize the carbon footprint in logistics operations, alongside the increased production capacity for Habanolide®, dsm-firmenich further strengthens its role as a pioneer in perfumery and beauty, driving both olfactory excellence and environmental responsibility.

The full text of the press release is available here.