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Unlocking the value of sustainability in animal protein value chains with Sustell™

The journey towards a more sustainable agriculture industry is not just an aspiration but a necessity. 
Aware of this collective responsibility, all players involved in producing and selling eggs, meat, milk and seafood are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact. 
dsm-firmenich is dedicated to creating products and solutions that are essential, desirable, and sustainable. One of these innovations is Sustell™, the leading Life Cycle Assessment Platform, driving progress in the Animal Protein industry. Sustell™ has recently gained significant momentum by growing its ecosystem of partners across the value chain. 

Unlock the value of your footprint

Sustell™ is a user-friendly digital Life Cycle Assessment platform that helps all players in the value chain, from farmers to processors to retailers and beyond, to accurately measure their total environmental footprint.
This includes accurately measuring Scope 3 emissions, which are greenhouse gas emissions that occur as a result of an organization's activities but are not directly owned or controlled by the organization. They are, therefore, more likely to be overlooked.
The platform utilizes primary feed and farm-level data to provide clear insight and guidance on reducing their environmental impact, unlocking the value of sustainability while also enhancing profitability.
Developed by global sustainability and animal nutrition experts at dsm-firmenich, Sustell™ is a leader in sustainability reporting and creating value.

Expanding reach with Deloitte

dsm-firmenich is partnering with Deloitte, the globally renowned professional services network. This collaboration will enable Sustell™ to explore new opportunities and connections, leveraging Deloitte's global reach and expertise in consulting. 
Deloitte will assist in implementing Sustell™ across the industry, connecting stakeholders, facilitating dialogue, and overcoming barriers to adopting sustainable practices.

Combining powers with strategic partners

Sustell™ is also collaborating with the Royal Agrifirm Group, a leading Dutch agricultural cooperative.
Agrifirm’s PoultryNEXT is a data platform focused on poultry farming that collects and processes farm-level data to offer insights on how to improve productivity and performance. By connecting Sustell™ to this platform, farm data can be combined with Agrifirm feed data to provide accurate and automated footprinting and insights on improving farm sustainability.
Combining the powers of dsm-firmenich’s Sustell™ and Agrifirm’s PoultryNEXT, this partnership will lead to the creation of a new platform specifically for poultry production, bringing in a new era of enhanced performance and sustainability.

Green financing in action 

Another recent partnership for Sustell™ is with IFC (International Finance Corporation, a member of World Bank), the largest global development institution for supporting private sector development in emerging markets. 
IFC has agreed to integrate Sustell™ into a program in Brazil to monitor emissions in a dairy supply chain. Given Brazil's status as one of the largest dairy producers globally, this initiative highlights a dedication to green financing and concrete action to reduce the environmental impact within a significant sector of Brazil’s economy.

Moving to the next level of sustainability

Sustell™ will take sustainability reporting and the ability to make credible improvements to the next level. It opens the door to greater production efficiency and farm profitability by identifying best practices while unlocking new value opportunities.

“These recent partnerships demonstrate the great potential in Sustell™ and how it connects to a complex data ecosystem in order to meet the varied sustainability needs of multiple value chains and their stakeholders.”

- David Nickell, Vice President Sustainability & Business Solutions at dsm-firmenich, Animal Nutrition & Health
From feed, to farm, to fork, Sustell™ is dedicated to supporting the transition to more sustainability practices in the animal protein value chain and ensuring a greener future for generations to come.

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