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Completion of contribution of Firmenich shares to dsm-firmenich

Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, and Heerlen, the Netherlands – May 9, 2023

DSM-Firmenich AG (the Company or DSM-Firmenich) announces that the Firmenich Contribution took place yesterday, thereby completing the transactions contemplated by the merger of equals between DSM and Firmenich.

As a result of the Firmenich Contribution, Firmenich is now a wholly owned subsidiary of DSM-Firmenich. The aggregate consideration received by the Firmenich Shareholders through the Firmenich Contribution is:

(i)               an amount in cash of EUR 3.5 billion; plus

(ii)              91,658,354 newly issued DSM-Firmenich Ordinary Shares, representing 34.5% of the Company's total of 265,676,388 aggregate issued DSM-Firmenich Ordinary Shares as of today.

Additional information is included in section 13.1 (The Transactions – The Firmenich Contribution) of the offering circular published by DSM-Firmenich on 22 November 2022 (the Offering Circular).


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