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Methane-reducing feed ingredient Bovaer® ready for US market launch

Kaiseraugst (Switzerland), Maastricht (Netherlands), May 29, 2024

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced it has completed its comprehensive, multi-year review of Bovaer® (3-NOP), a first-in-class methane-reducing feed ingredient, and determined the product meets safety and efficacy requirements for use in lactating dairy cattle. This paves the way for dsm-firmenich’s strategic partner Elanco Animal Health Incorporated to launch Bovaer® in the US market.

dsm-firmenich, innovators in nutrition, health and beauty developed this innovative feed ingredient which effectively and immediately reduces methane emissions from cattle, and thereby supporting the fight against climate change, while providing affordable nutrition. In 2022, dsm-firmenich and Elanco Animal Health Incorporated announced a strategic collaboration for the registration, marketing and sales, and longer-term production of Bovaer® in the US. Today, this collaboration bears its first fruits with the launch of Bovaer® in the US, following the FDA announcement.

Dimitri de Vreeze, CEO of dsm-firmenich said: “We congratulate Elanco and the US dairy sector on this important milestone, and will support Elanco by providing initial supplies from Europe. Bovaer® holds the key to a transformative shift in the global dairy sector, and launching this feed ingredient in the US after years of dedicated research, trials, and industry collaboration is a testament to its global potential." 

Jeff Simmons, President and CEO, Elanco Animal Health, commented: “We appreciate the years of work dsm-firmenich has invested in Bovaer® and are pleased they’ve recognized Elanco as the right partner to bring this solution to farmers across North America. Bovaer® represents another example of Elanco’s highly effective research and regulatory capabilities delivering. We are excited to bring this revolutionary product to US dairy farmers, accelerating the opportunity for climate-neutral dairy farming. Bovaer® will create value for farmers, while helping food companies meet consumer demands and deliver on their sustainability commitments.”

dsm-firmenich is also pleased to have further expanded its collaboration with Elanco from the US to also include Mexico and Canada. Many customers are organized as a North American operation, and with this geographical expansion of the collaboration with Elanco, customers will be more seamlessly served.

Mark van Nieuwland, VP Bovaer® at dsm-firmenich added: “This strategic collaboration exemplifies how we can accelerate the expansion and adoption of Bovaer® to significantly decrease methane emissions on a large scale, and thereby support global efforts to combat climate change. We will continuously explore opportunities in our go-to-market approach to further accelerate making Bovaer® available for farmers globally.” 

dsm-firmenich works with strategic partners across the globe to accelerate the access of Bovaer® to farmers, thereby consistently reducing methane emissions from cattle.

Bovaer® is now commercially available in 59 countries including the US, EU, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, most of Latin America, and select other markets.


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About Bovaer®

Bovaer® is a feed ingredient for cows and cattle (and other ruminants, such as sheep, goats, and deer) researched and developed over the last 10 years. Just a quarter teaspoon of Bovaer® per cow per day consistently reduces enteric methane emission by on average 30% for dairy cows and even higher percentages, on average 45%, for feedlot beef cattle. The feed ingredient Bovaer® therefore contributes to a significant and immediate reduction of the environmental footprint of dairy and beef products. Bovaer® is now commercially available in 59 countries, and has been tested in over 100 farm trials, across 20 countries, resulting in over 80 peer reviewed scientific publications.

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