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dsm-firmenich presents Mind Nose + Matter™ 2024 - “Momentum”

An immersive platform that explores new scents through trends and insights

Kaiseraugst (Switzerland), Heerlen (Netherlands), May 17, 2024

dsm-firmenich, innovators in nutrition, health, and beauty, unveils the global launch of the 2024 Mind Nose + Matter exhibition in New York City, USA. Mind Nose + Matter™ is an exclusive platform for co-creation and exploration to examine the future of fragrance fueled by consumer insights, socio-cultural trends and the creativity of our perfumers.

The insights from dsm-firmenich’s recent study on Magic Moments inspired this year’s theme - “Momentum”.  Magic Moments is a proprietary model that explores and  crystallizes cultural and personal differences, with regards to perfume within different moments of  life. The study reveals untapped life moments where fragrance can play a significant role. According to the study, 82% of fragrance buyers prioritize scent, its quality and uniqueness, over packaging, branding or merchandising activities. Wearing fragrance is no longer just about smelling good.  Fragrance has the power to move consumers through different moments of life. This view allows us to unravel unparalleled consumer understanding in order to create towards their emerging needs and desires.

“Mind Nose + Matter™ has a very bold history of presenting a future forward fragrance vision in a dynamic, multi-sensory and interactive way. It is one of our most-anticipated events, which customers welcome and eagerly attend, to explore new opportunities in the world of fragrance,” says Jerry Vittoria, dsm-firmenich President for Fine Fragrance Experience. “In a world where too many brands are focused on exploring similar ideas, it is important that we, as thought and creation leaders in fine fragrance, show a more courageous way forward to success, giving our perfumers absolute freedom to showcase their expertise and our innovation on a global platform.”

An encounter of fragrance through movement, “Momentum”, will explore scent through a variety of interactive installations. With the consumer at the center, this event gives them the momentum needed to experience something new through unique, and never-before-smelled, fragrances. Guided by the metaphor of a body in motion, “Momentum” will introduce new olfactive territories across multiple fine fragrance lifestyle categories and forms, and showcase the creative work of dsm-firmenich’s talented perfumers, such as Dora Baghriche, Ashley Balavoine, Honorine Blanc, Gabriela Chelariu, Gil Clavien, Amandine Clerc-Marie, Clement Gavarry, Alexis Grugeon, Steve Guo, Carmita Magalhaes, Gary Marr, Hamid Merati-Kashani, Marine Merce, Alex Monet, Alberto Morillas, Fabrice Pellegrin, Julien Plos, Erwan Raguenes, Marie Salamagne, Frank Voelkl, and Berenice Watteau. Their creations will highlight the latest innovations, ingredients and actives that keep dsm-firmenich’s clients at the forefront of discovery.

“We know from studies run by our Marketing Sciences team, that scent is the most important purchase driver when buying a perfume, and that the motivations for wearing fine fragrances can vary by the moments which influence our expectations -  everything from helping us to get up in the morning, enhancing our physical performance or feeling confident in social situations,” shares Justin Welch, dsm-firmenich Global Marketing Director for Scent. “The power and possibilities where fragrance can play a role in helping us move forward and move throughout moments in our lives is what this year’s Mind Nose + Matter™ experience is all about.”

The Mind Nose + Matter “Momentum” experience will be open in NYC from May 14th - June 7th and will then roll-out globally to Geneva, during the World Perfumery Congress in June, followed by events in Shanghai, Paris and Sao Paolo – key cities where dsm-firmenich has its fine fragrance ateliers.

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