Energize your energy drinks

Solutions for energy drinks

How to get energy in a healthier way?

It’s a question that a growing number of health-consumers are asking – as evidenced by the fact that energy continues to be a health concern for 61% of US consumers. This is especially true as they look beyond the traditional caffeine-based energy boost– and explore new potential benefits like weight management, mental health and a better sensory experience.

The opportunity for brand owners to meet these emerging needs is huge - both among existing consumers in this category, but also in terms of attracting a whole new generation to more healthy energy drinks.

The challenge is a multi-layered one that involves tapping into consumer preferences and then navigating a complex formulation development journey based on a precision blend of flavors and ingredients. This also needs to be achieved cost-effectively, and with the fastest and most efficient path-to-market possible. 

The solution?
At dsm-firmenich, our industry leading team of experts are here to help you achieve all this and more. We’ll unlock possibilities so that your brand can deliver uniquely delicious and healthier energy beverages that win in the market. In fact, we’ve brought it all together for you.

  • Deep and inspiring consumer insights derived from our proprietary tools.
  • An extensive portfolio of ingredients & solutions, pre-mix support and science-based claims.
  • Flavor expertise, masking tools and industry leading sugar-reduction solutions.
  • All supported by Beverage application experts and Flavorists with boundless energy and decades of experience.

Ready for captivating consumer insights into energy and energy drinks?

Bringing the flavor into your energy drinks

Our experienced flavorists and beverage application experts use a wide range of natural, organic-compliant or non-natural Flavors and Extracts, depending on customers’ needs. We bring a whole new world of tonalities to tickle consumers’ tastebuds. It could be on-trend flavors like peach; citrus, berry and tropical fruit flavors; brown-note flavors like mint, coffee, tea, caramel and chocolate; or botanicals. Furthermore, our experts can mask undesired flavors that result from fortification with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals.

Bringing the sweetness

Consumers want delicious-tasting, low sugar energy drinks. Now you can achieve this using our extensive sugar reduction toolbox, supported every step of the way by dsm-firmenich applications experts. The toolbox includes a broad range of natural sweeteners, sugar-reducing ingredients and sweetness modulation flavors that can be combined holistically to remove up to 100% of sugar from formulations. Ideal for creating innovative, palette-pleasing products that stand out on the shelves - and in consumers’ minds.

Bringing the nutrition

The lines are blurring in the energy drinks category. Our customized nutritional premixes of vitamins and other essential micronutrients, amino acids, botanicals, and natural courses of caffeine add yet another dimension to your products. And it’s all backed by proven expertise from science to regulatory & claims support that enables standout and safe energy drinks to get into consumers’ shopping baskets faster.

Bringing the color

When it comes to pleasing consumers, we know that color perception often drives flavor expectation in energy drinks. But it also has the potential to drive innovation: for example, through the ability to create hybrid beverages and cocktails that are not always consumed straight from the can. Whatever the case, our experts can support you with our broad portfolio of non-artificial, vibrant – and highly stable - coloration solutions. These β-Carotene carotenoids not only deliver a pleasing color palate from vibrant red, to orange and yellow hues; they also enable you to replace artificial ingredients like azo dye.


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